We are flexible enough and offer our clients various terms of cooperation
Full wash construction starting
from $11,000
Creation of a framework (wash skeleton)
$3,600 per post
Construction of the zero part
with a post size of 5*6 = $5,500
Construction of the upper part
Technical room, roofing, lighting, partitions
starting from $6,000
Work on the zero part
$1,500 for the post and $1,700 for the post with underfloor heating
Project documentation with seals
When ordering "full construction wash" - free of charge
starting from $4,000 per object
Construction support
Technical supervision, installation supervision
starting from $2,000 a spot for wash building, the duration of the presence of an employee is up to 20 days. Travel allowances are additionally paid: food + accommodation
Remote installation supervision
Control of work performance by checkpoints - photo, video report + online broadcast
starting from $1,500 for a car wash building spot
Engine room