Car wash construction in winter
For the work at subzero temperatures, we build a temporary frame-tent of a pavilion type over the construction site. It creates the microclimate inside by heating the air, which allows all technological processes to correspond the norms and regulations.
We put a special additive to the hydrotechnical concrete, which helps the concrete compound to undergo the correct polymerization and hydration process. We guarantee high-quality and prompt construction of a car wash thanks to these technologies all year round!
Fastening metal frame to concrete technology
German technology for fastening metal frame to concrete by the Hilti company. The bolted connection with stainless steel hardware. They are fully autonomous at the facility thanks to the industrial gas generator.
1. Design of an object
2. Temporary fencing installation
3. Groundworks
Excavation is carried out for the installation of sand receivers and for local communication networks
4. Crushed stone foundation preparation
5. Laying of the waterproofing layer
6. Reinforcement of the future reinforced concrete slab
7. Concrete compound device
The surface of concrete floors is strengthened by adding extra building bulk material, called topping.
8. Metal frame installation
Technical installation of the roofing material and partitions
9. Installation of technological equipment
10. Installation of lighting posts
11. Underground networks laying from the engine room of the wash to dry posts
12. The supply of external networks of objects is carried out in parallel
13. Landscaping
Setup of paving shaped elements or asphalt concrete on the access roads and the wash platforms
We are flexible enough and offer our clients various terms of cooperation
Full wash construction starting
from $11,000
Construction of the upper part
Technical room, roofing, lighting, partitions
starting from $6,000
Creation of a framework (wash skeleton)
$4,000 per post
Engine room
Construction of the zero part
with a post size of 5*6 = $5,500
Vacuum island
Work on the zero part
$1,700 for the post and $2,000 for the post with underfloor heating
Project documentation with seals
When ordering "turn-key car wash" - free of charge
starting from $4,000 per object
Construction support
Technical supervision, installation supervision
starting from $2,000 a spot for wash building, the duration of the presence of an employee is up to 20 days. Travel allowances are additionally paid: food + accommodation
Remote installation supervision
Control of work performance by checkpoints - photo, video report + online broadcast
starting from $1,500 for a car wash building spot
Equipment set
8300$ per post 
Pysmenskov Pavel
PPM Group Founder
Pysmenskova Iryna
SMM Manager
Baziura Andrey
Head of the Metal Frames Production
Borisenko Alexander
Belcheva Anna
Designer Visualizer
Erokhina Valentina
Office Manager