Car wash construction in winter
For the work at subzero temperatures, we build a temporary frame-tent construction of a pavilion type over the building spot. There is created its own microclimate inside this construction by heating the air, which allows all technological processes to correspond with the norms.
A special additive is put to the hydrotechnical concrete, which helps the concrete compound to undergo the correct polymerization and hydration process. We guarantee high-quality and prompt construction of a car wash thanks to these technologies all year round!
Our technologies

Fastening metal frame to concrete technology
German technology for fastening metal frame to concrete by the Hilti company. The bolted connection with stainless steel hardware. They are fully autonomous at the facility thanks to the industrial gas generator.
The following technological solutions are the developments of PPM GROUP. Their use ensures that there will be no problems with environmental services. Each solution is optional, improves the performance of your self-service car wash and maintains our planet clean!
The construction for the rug holders on the post $150
The bench and trash can are made of fiberglass
Corrosion-proof console for fastening the hook for lowering the high-pressure hose $20 for a unit
Sheathing with a stainless sheet of an interpost island $750
Hot-dip galvanized grating 500_1000, 1500 UAH
Hot-dip galvanized carpet drying table $100
Banner partition with a tensioning system of 2.5x2.5 size $500
Manholes for the separator of oil products $200
Hot-dip galvanized construction for storage tanks
Anti-frost system with the capacity of 360 liters $500
Sand receiver made of polypropylene with a volume of 2 cubic m. Price is $850
Sand receiver made of polypropylene with a volume of 600 liters. Price is $650
Self-supporting polyethylene separator for oil products for 3 liters per second. $1,700
Separator for oil products for 3 liters per second. $1,200